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Rebuild South Africa!

Township Youth Project has joined The Global Collective! Support this innovative campaign to empower those living in townships in South Africa through mentoring, skills development and upliftment processes.

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Who we Are

The Township Youth Project is a non-profit organisation, aimed at bringing hope to the youth and uplifting their communities, by offering them free activities that keep them off the streets, and away from drugs and alcohol.
With the help of volunteers and our township yoga teachers, we are able to reach these children directly in the heart of their communities and give them a chance at a better life. We do this through creative activities like dance, yoga, music and art, and also give them an opportunity to learn new skills and develop new passions, that can change their lives and their communities, in the future, from growing vegetables to feed their families to healthy nutrition on a tiny budget. 

Through the Township Youth Project, we help instil in children a sense of pride, community awareness and responsibility, as well as growing a culture of giving back to the community.



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'I would describe people living here as those who are surviving purely by luck. They live from day to day. When it comes to living conditions it is quite hard, here I am living with my son and my grandchildren. There is no freedom at all. God did not create a human to live like the way we are living here'Korogocho, Slum dweller

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Township Yogi

Township Yogi is a division of TYP aimed at raising hope and changing lives through the power of yoga. For the past few years Township Yogi has been using the power of yoga to help change the lives of people living in poverty and slum conditions in South Africa and Namibia, with a special emphasis on the children and youth. We set up grassroots yoga studios within disadvantaged communities and offer free yoga classes to those who need it most - children, the elderly, HIV/Aids and TB sufferers, and victims of crime and violence.


Township yoga students are also selected to participate in yoga teacher training courses, empowering them through education and qualifications, and giving them a chance at future employment.

Every order of the award-winning 'Township Yogi' film contributes to the Township Yogi Ubuntu Campaign, bringing life-saving food and sanitiser to destitute people in townships of South Africa affected by the recent violence and destruction, and the coronavirus crisis. 


The Township Youth Project is committed to eliminating poverty and slum living. We have partnered with Slumzero in South Africa to find sustainable solutions to the myriad of social and development problems that the youth living in our townships face. 

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