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Development & Mentoring Programme

The youth unemployment rate in South Africa, of job-seekers under the age of 24 years old, was over 64% at the end of 2021. The Covid crisis continues to negatively impact employment for people throughout Africa, especially the youth, where 45% of university graduates are still jobless one year after graduating. The objective of The Global Collective is to provide advice, upliftment, skills development and mentoring to those disadvantaged in South Africa, to enable them to find employment, start their own businesses, transform their lives, and give them hope for the future.

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Become a Mentor

You're seasoned and experienced in your field of business – maybe retired and wise – and ready to support less experienced youths from the townships of South Africa, to achieve their business goals or personal growth objectives. You want to pass on what you know to help them achieve greater efficiency, productivity and effectiveness.


Whatever your field of expertise, if you're ready for a protégé and have the time and wisdom to give, The Global Collective is your way to connect, to develop relationship opportunities with others who need your support, guidance and trusted feedback while attaining professional competence and skills.


Mentoring adds value to mentees by changing their ways of thinking, solving problems, strategising and developing other skills that are relevant to their small business development goals or their future professional careers.


Our Participants 

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Zweli is a Township Yogi teacher and is looking for an international yoga mentor to help him grow his teaching skills and his own yoga practice. He is also looking for help him develop a private yoga practice as a means of income and giving back to his community.  He also dances, and teaches dance and yoga at a community school, as part of the Township Yogi Project. Zweli is also qualified as an actor and developing film director, and would love to be mentored in these film industry-related fields. 





 Sibongiseni is looking for mentorship to help her find a job as a chef. This is her first love and a goal she has set for herself - to be gainfully employed in a restaurant or in the kitchen of a lodge or B&B. She has previously experience as a housekeeper and has high recommendations from previous employers. 

Sibongiseni would love to be mentored by anyone with experience in the restaurant industry who knows what she needs to do, in order to raise her chef's profile - or even to start her own catering business from home, and then how to market it properly, and learn the business skills to run it properly.





 Sisasenkosi loves children! She has qualifications in child minding and  child CPR and wants to develop her skills to become a qualified au pair. She is also interested in acquiring the business skills she needs to start and run her own creche, to help other mothers in the  township where she lives.





 Sbahle is a Township Yogi teacher and is looking for an international yoga mentor to help her grow her teaching skills, especially in relation to yoga with the elderly. She is also looking for help to market private yoga classes as a means of income for her and her two children, working in the townships, as she is restricted by transport and her commitments as a single mother.


Our Partners

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